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International letterpress collaboration Finland / Norway / Sweden / United Kingdom

Residency – Spring / Summer 2022

Ekfa-K (a regional development project with the support of the Swedish Arts Council), together with Lina Nordenström from Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet (GG Print Studio) invited Carl Middleton (UK), graphic artist and designer, and Angie Butler (UK), artist-printer and researcher, to take part in a UK/Nordic collaborative project and to each carry out residencies at GG Studio in Spring/Summer 2022, focusing on hand typesetting and letterpress printing. Both hold qualifications within the field of letterpress printing but come from different creative backgrounds. This provided a fantastic opportunity to raise interesting issues about approaches to letterpress printing from the perspectives of an artist and a designer. What are the common denominators? Where do the differences lie when it comes to working with letterpress as a creative process and as a printing technique? How does the process of typesetting and/or letterpress printing affect your approach to the written language, your own writing and literary choices?


In connection with the residencies, three creative practitioners experienced in the field took part in a collaborative letterpress project plus a weekend of skill-share workshops and events. Imi Maufe (Bergen, Norway), Edward Johansson (Åhland, Finland) and Camilla Gunnar (Jakobstad, Finland).

As we emerge from a pandemic, which has changed our world over the past year, we have chosen the theme of recover – repair to examine the questions above through each person’s approach and process of making a new piece of work.


An in-person public event took place on Friday 20th May where all the project participants showcased their work at Galeri Astley, Uttersberg, Skinnskatteberg, Sweden.

The collaborative project work presented was then used as a basis for reflection, discussion and workshop activities over the course of a weekend, for those involved to share their experiences, skills and build new relationships.


Ekfa-K is a regional development project with the support of the Swedish Arts Council, which is run by the Region Västmanland and all 10 counties in the region in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet Västmanland. It aims to create opportunities and places for contemporary art and strengthen the structure for art and artists in the region. Primarily, it works together with the artists who are based in the municipalities.

Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet / GG Print Studio has for 10 years run a graphic workshop in Uttersberg where opportunities are given for both local, national and international artists to work and carry out residences. For the past five years, GG has also had an ongoing exchange program with Grafikwerkstatt Dresden in Germany.

In the Västmanland region, a newly launched platform Kulturlabbet – word / art / film focuses on intermediality; a collaboration between the cultural development areas of literature, film, image and form. The ambition is to be a resource centre and meeting place for professionally active cultural creators in the region and to promote cross-border artistic meetings.

This project is part of Ett kulturliv för alla – Konst and co-financed by IASPIS, Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international programme for Visual and Applied Art.


Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet / GG Print Studio

Organised by Lina Nordenström GRAFIKVERKSTAN GODSMAGASINET / GG Print Studio, Uttersberg Sweden